...bringing out the best in YOU!
There is no greater pleasure than feeling good…
vibrant in health and connected with your self and with your world.

The path to your health is as unique as you are…
and it is one of nourishment, not deprivation.
Can you imagine feeling your best?  You may not yet know how
good that can be!


Q:  What does my child
need when having a

A:  A fever is the body's
attempt to stimulate
calcium availability for
phagocyte activity.
Calcium Lactate or
Calcium Citrate in the
diet will help the body get
the calcium it is looking
for.  See my article Fall
Immune Building.
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Well-being is a reflection of how much you are in the flow of
More than just food or supplements… it is also joy, exercise
and relaxation.

There are bodily markers that indicate where you are in your
relationship with your health and your life.  From monitoring the pH
of your saliva to progressive hormonal testing - there are
evaluations to suit your needs.

This is the essence of my practice…customizing a program for you.
My passion is assisting you in the integration of health wisdom into
your life.

My best client is one who has realized that what they are doing is
not getting them where they want to go. They have reached a
place that they are not only willing to do something different, but
are committed to the process.
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